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Think yourself. Normally when you hear an SMS ringtone ringing in your mobile, what do you do? Just try to ignore it, right? Most of the people do the same job. Because everyone is very disturbed with this issue. But sometimes everyone checks it with curiosity, it’s a very natural process. Let’s take advantages from it. Let’s think the matter from the viewpoint of marketing. In this case, if your SMS is masking, it will work for your branding in a nice way. When a person will get SMS again and again but not opening any one to read out, it is obvious that willingly or unwillingly he is seeing your company name. And after missing or ignoring a number of SMS for a long time, a curiosity will arise in his mind, “I should just see once what the company is trying to tell.”

In this way, the client will be acquitted with your company and he will feel that this is not a new one. And if the client feels that the product being offered via SMS is important for him, he will instantly knock you to buy it. That’s the very interesting and effective way of customer or client conversion. This is very cost-effective marketing way for the new business persons. That’s why, we always prefer Masking SMS for the new ones.

  • Dedicated Sender ID
  • For Branding
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Masking SMS is a text message with the sender name in place of number and the non-masking SMS is a text message without the sender name in place of number, I mean receiver will see a 11-digit number, not sender name. The basic difference is to showing sender name or not. Again, there is another difference from the perspective of rate. Masking SMS is a bit costlier than the non-masking one. However, both systems can be applied to calculate the campaign result. If you see that you have double response by 1.5 times result by masking SMS, you should prefer it. Because, you will get branding facility by it. So, it’s time to know why masking SMS is preferable.

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